Hyra och boka stuga på Åland - Harnäs stugor

Hyr och boka stuga på Åland. Villa och stugor att hyra.

Åland Islands - Rent cottage or villa

Harnäs Stugor welcomes you to Åland! We hope that you will want to return to this cottage page and to Åland often. Booking and renting a cottage or house on beautiful and cozy Åland is nice. The accommodation is private and close to nature. The unique tower villa is highly appreciated.

Renting a cabin at Harnäs Stugor on Åland is easy. The cottages are located in Hammarland on western Åland, only a few hours over the Åland Sea. In northern Hammarland, we have four different accommodations located in three different locations. There are many who have fallen in love with the archipelago and the beautiful countryside in Hammarland. From Hammarland you also have fairly short distances to the city of Mariehamn and the rest of Åland.

We offer accommodation weekly with changes on Saturdays, but during and outside high season we also offer accommodation according to your wishes, subject to availability. Regardless of whether you just want to travel away and have accommodation for a weekend or for a longer period, we are always just as accommodating to provide good service. We want your Åland trip and cottage accommodation to be successful!

How do you rent a cabin or a lodge on Åland? The easiest way to do this is to rent a cabin through us if there is one available. You can book all four cabins directly through us. In recent years, our holiday homes have received a lot of praise for what we have to offer. We are both proud and happy for the response we have received. Something that, for example, must be experienced at least once in a lifetime is the tower villa.

Don't hesitate to get in touch to ask questions if you have any questions or requests. Åland cottages are of good quality, but as a guest you want to find your gem. It could be that you want accommodation close to the sea and the beach. Many people want to live in a nice and private area. Your holiday and cottage holiday should be worth remembering. Take advantage and enjoy leisure accommodation, food, beaches, the archipelago, nature and life. Come and live in the beautiful archipelago and enjoy the smooth red granite cliffs.

Åland as a destination has many advantages. Åland is a paradise for people who want to travel and live in a cabin or house. It is extremely affordable to travel to and from Åland with car ferries regardless of the season. Feel free to explore Åland and rent a cottage or villa from us. It is thanks to your guests and your suggestions that the accommodation changes and improves. We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions both before, during and after you have booked and lived in one of our cabins. Read more about us and book a cabin at Harnäs Stugor och Tornvilla. Please contact us for more information.

We hope for many nice days in 2024 where we welcome you and your company. Days for wonderful moments in may and beyond in 2024 are still available to book if you like Tornvillan and more. We respond quickly to booking requests. We continue to welcome both new and returning guests. We would like to thank all the guests we have had so far. You are warmly welcome back!








2 Jul 2023


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