Hyra och boka stuga på Åland - Harnäs stugor

Hyr och boka stuga på Åland. Villa och stugor att hyra.

Green Cottage


Green cottage is situated in Strömma in northern Hammarland in quiet and scenic surroundings at the beach. Take a walk on riparian meadows with red granite cliffs.

Open round week 17-40. 2 plus 2 persons and it is 34 square meter with a second floor. Living room. Kitchen have hot and cold water. Bedroom, loft with sleeping area, outhouse toilet, shower. Electric heating, wood burning stove, electric stove, microwave, fridge and freezer, TV, 2 bikes. Fishing licenses are sold. Lake view and forest surroundings.

Approximate distances: 31 kilometer to Mariehamn, Eckerö line port is 26 kilometers, grocery store and gas station is 12 kilometers away and neighbour 150 meters away in the red cottage. Shallow beach is 50 meter away and there is a small private road between the cottage and the beach. There is not much traffic on the road. Read more about us in english.


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