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Åland Islands facts

What are the basic facts about Åland?

The official language on Åland is Swedish. When it is 1 p.m. in Sweden, it is 2 p.m. on Åland. Daylight saving time follows the standards of the European Union. The official currency on Åland is the Euro, but most shops also accept Swedish kronor.

The population is approximately 30,500 people. Of these, approximately 12,000 live in the city of Mariehamn. Åland's highest point above sea level is the mountain Orrdalsklint 129 meters above sea level. The number of islands on Åland is approximately 6,757, of which approximately 60 are inhabited.

Which sports are common on Åland?

Åland has two well-known football teams: IFK Mariehamn and Åland United, both of which play in the highest leagues. On Åland there are curling rinks, floorball rinks, ice rinks, bowling, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools and more. Disc golf or freesbee golf, there are many new courses on Åland. Climbing or bouldering, as many say, there are also good opportunities on Åland.

What does business life look like on Åland?

Åland has a rich business community with successful companies in shipping, tourism, information technology, insurance, banking and finance. Agriculture and fishing with locally produced food are also important industries. Duty-free sales on board the ships mean a lot to Åland.

What does cultural life look like on Åland?

On Åland there are 16 old and beautiful churches to visit. Theater and art exhibitions are also there to discover for those interested. Åland has a very rich cultural heritage.

What leisure activities are there on Åland?

The archipelago provides opportunities for paddling, sailing, long-distance skating and fantastic hiking trails. Bird watching is also very popular on Åland. Fishing is very common as there are good fishing waters. Fishing licenses can be purchased digitally. Regarding fishing on Åland, this website is also very informative. Cycle paths are available throughout Åland. Inside Mariehamn there are good opportunities for shopping, restaurant visits, spa treatments, massages and other recreation.

Does Åland have its own flag and its own government?

Åland has its own flag. Åland's flag is blue, yellow and red. Åland has had its own flag since 1954. Åland also has its own regional coat of arms where the motif is a stag. Åland has autonomy day on the ninth of June every year and Åland has just celebrated 100 years. Åland has its own government. Feel free to read more about Åland Islands special status.

Our own recommendations for places to visit on Åland. Please note that all the destinations below are not open all year round.

Lugnet ceramics is found in Hammarland. In Hammarland there is also Hugo Andersson's grocery store. For those who want to hike and have a nice view, there is Sålis battery mountain with a lookout tower in Sålis, Hammarland. For those who want to swim, there is Bovik lake's public swimming area in Bovik, Hammarland.

In Mariehamn there is also the Åland Maritime Museum. If you want to visit cafes, there are Bagarstugan and Svarta katten in Mariehamn. 

Karl-Ers frukts farm shop and farm café in Tjudö, Finström. Stallhagen's beer microbrewery with Pub Stallhagen's food service is in Godby Finström. Smakbyn, which has a restaurant and farm shop, can be found in Kastelholm Sund. The Post and Customs House, which is a building in Eckerö, is a sight to see for those who want to experience western Åland.

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