Hyra och boka stuga på Åland - Harnäs stugor

Hyr och boka stuga på Åland. Villa och stugor att hyra.

Travel to Åland

Traveling to Åland offers a unique experience due to its rich maritime history, warm weather, and stunning archipelago scenery. Åland is part of Finland and the Schengen Agreement, making it easily accessible with no border controls for most visitors. The islands boast a plethora of ferry connections to mainland Sweden and Finland, ideal for duty-free shopping and exploring the archipelago. Visitors can enjoy island hopping among the 80 inhabited islands and over 6,000 uninhabited ones, offering breathtaking views and hidden gems to discover. Additionally, Åland's fresh local produce, including 70% of Finland's apples, provides a delightful culinary experience. The short ferry ride from Helsinki and Stockholm, the affordability of accommodations, the option to rent private islands, and the well-developed facilities for activities like cycling and boating make Åland a compelling destination for travelers seeking a unique and picturesque getaway.

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Feel free to read more facts about Åland: www.harnasstugor.com/aland-islands-facts


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12 May 2024


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